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LWT Privacy Policy

Our commitment to keeping your trust

We appreciate that you may have certain concerns about how personal information is collected, used and shared. We can assure you that we will always handle your personal information securely and carefully. Among other things, we strictly comply with all applicable Australian privacy laws.

Why we collect information

We collect information to ensure we have a better understanding of our customers.

We also use this information for delivery and marketing purposes.

How we collect this information

We collect information from registration and orders placed through our online website. We also use public data resources to add to our customer information. Generally, the personal information we collect is supplied by you.

What we collect

The information we collect includes your name, business name, address, delivery address, phone number and e-mail address.

Sharing your information

We may need to pass personal details such as your name, business name and address to service providers who perform some of our deliveries. This may include major delivery companies and mail houses.

We are also required when providing special pricing for Education and Government institutions to supply your purchase order information to our suppliers. Our suppliers may pass this information on to the manufacturer of the products

Protecting Against Fraud

To reduce cases of fraud as a first time customer you may receive a telephone call or email requesting more information/proof to confirm the details that you have supplied to us. We reserve the right not to supply goods where we feel information given may be fraudulent

See what we store

If you would like to access your personal information, please email your request via Contact us or phone us on 1300 550 717.


We will take all reasonable steps to store your personal information securely.

Direct marketing by mail and email

If you no longer wish to receive these promotional material please email and request to be removed from any mailing lists.

Changes to our privacy policies and practices

Our privacy policies and practices may be reviewed and updated from time to time in line with customer expectations and legislative changes.