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We provide onsite service Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

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What we Service?

We service Acer, Lenovo, Asus and HP Desktops and Notebooks for our customers.
We are one of Acer and Lenovo's largest repair centres and carry substantial buffer stock to ensure warranties are done on time.

Where we Service Onsite?
Our technicians serve Metro Melbourne, Metro Adelaide, Ararat, Ballarat, Bendigo, Cobram, Echuca, Geelong, Gippsland and Shepparton
How we Service?
In our onsite service areas we do most our service jobs onsite - we come to you. For other products we'll work with the manufacturer to get your issue remedied.
Other Products?
We work closely with all our suppliers to assist you getting your warranties completed quickly and painlessly.
Not in an Onsite Service Area?
We can still assist helping you log your jobs with other brands - we're here to help.
Products not bought from us?
As a rule we don't service product bought from other suppliers unless agreed otherwise. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Serial Number/s (For Multiple Serials Separate by Commas)*:

If you can't locate the serial number please call our service team on 1300 556 788.

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Please where possible ensure that reception knows the location of the unit for repair
Fault Description*:

Please be specific with fault description - Vague descriptions may delay your job, incorrect descriptions may lead to you being charged for the job.

Please provide as much detail as possible eg. If the screen is not working are their any lights on the unit?

If this is in regards to an Acer battery fault, please attach the results from the Acer battery tool. Click here to download

Please make sure you turn off bitlocker when lodging a repair job.

Any Troubleshooting Done*:

Please make sure you've backed up your data before giving the device to a technician.

Insurance Type*:
Who will be paying the excess?*:

If the owner will be paying the excess, please make sure their details are filled in.

Additional Details

Providing the information below will help speed up the claim process
Do you know how the damage occurred:
Date that damage occurred*:
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