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Welcome to LWT's Project Lamp Wizard.

Here you can select the brand of your Projector and then either search through the list or just type your model name to filter.

Projector brand:
Type your projector name (or part of) here:
Then select your projector from the list:
DS760 DW843UST DX760 DX806ST DX818ST DX819ST DX830UST DX832UST DX842UST EP1230 EP335D+ EP5920 ES500 EX501 EX728EST EX928 HT1075 HT2050 HT3050 HT4050 HT6050 i700 i701JD MH530 MH630 MH680 MH684 MH740 MH741 MH856UST ML7437 MP24 MP511+ MP512 MP512ST MP514 MP515 MP515P MP515ST MP522 MP522ST MP523 MP524 MP525 MP525P MP525ST MP525V MP575 MP610 MP611 MP611C MP612 MP612C MP620C MP622 MP622C MP623 MP624 MP626 MP720P MP721 MP721C MP722 MP723 MP725X MP726 MP730 MP771 MP772ST MP782ST MS3081+ MS500 MS500+ MS500-V MS500P MS502 MS502P MS504 MS504A MS504P MS506 MS506P MS507 MS511h MS512H MS514H MS521 MS521P MS524 MS524B MS524E MS527 MS612ST MS614 MS616ST MS619ST MS630ST MW3009 MW523 MW526 MW526E MW526H MW603 MW621ST MW632ST MW665 MW665+ MW705 MW721 MW727 MW767 MW769 MW817ST MW820ST MW824ST MW831UST MW843UST MW853UST MW853UST+ MW855UST MW881UST MW883UST MX3082 MX3082+ MX501 MX501-V MX501V MX503 MX503P MX505 MX505A MX507P MX520 MX522 MX522P MX525 MX525B MX525E MX570 MX613ST MX615 MX615+ MX620ST MX631ST MX660 MX660P MX662 MX666 MX666+ MX703 MX710 MX711 MX712UST MX713ST MX720 MX722 MX723 MX726 MX760 MX761 MX762ST MX766 MX768 MX806PST MX806ST MX810ST MX812ST MX818ST MX819ST MX822ST MX830UST MX842UST MX852UST MX852UST+ MX854UST MX880UST MX882UST PB2140 PB2240 PB2250 PB6100 PB6110 PB6115 PB6120 PB6200 PB6210 PB6240 PB7200 PB7210 PB7220 PB7230 PB8120 PB8220 PB8230 PB9200 PE2240 PE5120 PE9200 PU9530 PU9730 PW9250 PW9500 PW9520 PW9620 PX9510 PX9600 PX9710 SH910 SH915 SH940 SH963 (Lamp 1) SH963 (Lamp 2) SP831 SP840 SP920 (Lamp 1) SP920 (Lamp 2) SP920P (Lamp 1) SP920P (Lamp 2) SU917 SU931 SU964 (Lamp 1) SU964 (Lamp 2) SW916 SX912 SX930 TH670 TH680 TH681 TH681+ TH682ST TH683 TH963 (Lamp 1) TH963 (Lamp 2) TS521P TS537 TS819ST TW523 TW523P TW526 TW526E TW539 TW820ST TX501 TX538 TX762ST W1000 W1000+ W1060 W1070 W1070+ W1070+W W1080ST W1080ST+ W108ST W1100 W1110 W1200 W1300 W1350 W2000 W5500 W6000 W6500 W700 W700+ W703D W750 W770ST W8000