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Welcome to LWT's Project Lamp Wizard.

Here you can select the brand of your Projector and then either search through the list or just type your model name to filter.

Projector brand:
Type your projector name (or part of) here:
Then select your projector from the list:
BrightLink 425Wi BrightLink 430i BrightLink 435Wi BrightLink 436Wi BrightLink 450Wi BrightLink 455Wi BrightLink 455WI-T BrightLink 475Wi BrightLink 480i BrightLink 485Wi BrightLink 536Wi BrightLink 575Wi BrightLink 585Wi BrightLink 595Wi BrightLink Pro 1410Wi BrightLink Pro 1420Wi BrightLink Pro 1430Wi CINEMA 200 CINEMA 200+ CINEMA 500 EB-1400Wi EB-1410Wi EB-1420Wi EB-1430Wi EB-1700 EB-1720 EB-1723 EB-1725 EB-1730W EB-1735W EB-1750 EB-1751 EB-1760W EB-1761W EB-1770W EB-1771W EB-1775W EB-1776W EB-1810 EB-1825 EB-1830 EB-1840W EB-1850W EB-1860 EB-1870 EB-1880 EB-1900 EB-1910 EB-1915 EB-1920W EB-1925W EB-1930 EB-1935 EB-1940W EB-1945W EB-1950 EB-1955 EB-1960 EB-1965 EB-1970W EB-1975W EB-1980WU EB-1985WU EB-410W EB-410WE EB-420 EB-425W EB-430 EB-435W EB-440W EB-450W EB-450Wi EB-4550 EB-455Wi EB-460 EB-460i EB-4650 EB-465i EB-470 EB-4750W EB-475W EB-475Wi EB-480 EB-4850WU EB-485W EB-485Wi EB-4950WU EB-500KG EB-520 EB-525W EB-530 EB-535W EB-536Wi EB-570 EB-575W EB-575Wi EB-580 EB-585W EB-585Wi EB-595Wi EB-824 EB-825 EB-826W EB-84 EB-84e EB-84he EB-85 EB-905 EB-915W EB-925 EB-93 EB-93e EB-945 EB-945H EB-95 EB-955W EB-955WH EB-965 EB-965H EB-96W EB-97H EB-98 EB-98H EB-D6155W EB-D6250 EB-G5100 EB-G5150 EB-G5200 EB-G5200W EB-G5300 EB-G5350 EB-G5450WU EB-G5500 EB-G5600 EB-G5650W EB-G5750WU EB-G5800 EB-G5900 EB-G5950 EB-G6050W EB-G6070W EB-G6150 EB-G6170 EB-G6250W EB-G6270W EB-G6350 EB-G6370 EB-G6450WU EB-G6550WU EB-G6570WU EB-G6650WU EB-G6770WU EB-G6800 EB-G6870 EB-G6900WU EB-G6970WU EB-G7200W EB-G7400U EB-G7900U EB-G7905U EB-S02 EB-S03 EB-S04 EB-S10 EB-S11 EB-S12 EB-S17 EB-S18 EB-S27 EB-S29 EB-S31 EB-S6 EB-S62 EB-S6LU EB-S7 EB-S72 EB-S8 EB-S82 EB-S9 EB-S92 EB-SXW03 EB-SXW11 EB-SXW12 EB-SXW18 EB-TW420 EB-U04 EB-W02 EB-W10 EB-W12 EB-W16 EB-W16SK EB-W18 EB-W22 EB-W28 EB-W29 EB-W31 EB-W6 EB-W7 EB-W8 EB-W9 EB-X02 EB-X03 EB-X10 EB-X11 EB-X11H EB-X12 EB-X14 EB-X15 EB-X18 EB-X20 EB-X24 EB-X25 EB-X27 EB-X29 EB-X31 EB-X6 EB-X62 EB-X6LU EB-X7 EB-X72 EB-X8 EB-X8e EB-X9 EB-X92 EH-DM2 EH-DM3 EH-TW2800 EH-TW2900 EH-TW3000 EH-TW3200 EH-TW3500 EH-TW3600 EH-TW3800 EH-TW4000 EH-TW420 EH-TW4400 EH-TW450 EH-TW4500 EH-TW480 EH-TW490 EH-TW5000 EH-TW5200 EH-TW5350 EH-TW550 EH-TW5500 EH-TW570 EH-TW5800 EH-TW5900 EH-TW5910 EH-TW6000 EH-TW6000W EH-TW6100 EH-TW6600 EH-TW6600W EH-TW8000 EH-TW8100 EH-TW8200 EH-TW8200W EH-TW8500 EH-TW9000 EH-TW9000W EH-TW9100 EH-TW9200 EMP-1700 EMP-1705 EMP-1707 EMP-1710 EMP-1715 EMP-1717 EMP-1720 EMP-1725 EMP-1730W EMP-1735W EMP-1810 EMP-1815 EMP-1825 EMP-1915 EMP-260 EMP-280 EMP-400 EMP-400W EMP-400WE EMP-410W EMP-51 EMP-51L EMP-54 EMP-54c EMP-6000 EMP-6010 EMP-61 EMP-6100 EMP-62 EMP-62C EMP-63 EMP-71 EMP-720 EMP-730 EMP-732 EMP-735 EMP-737 EMP-74 EMP-740 EMP-745 EMP-74c EMP-74L EMP-75 EMP-750 EMP-755 EMP-760 EMP-765 EMP-76C EMP-77C EMP-81 EMP-81+ EMP-82 EMP-821 EMP-822 EMP-822H EMP-825 EMP-83 EMP-830 EMP-835 EMP-83C EMP-83H EMP-83HE EMP-84he EMP-DM1 EMP-S3 EMP-S3L EMP-S4 EMP-S42 EMP-S5 EMP-S52 EMP-S6 EMP-TW1000 EMP-TW20 EMP-TW200 EMP-TW2000 EMP-TW200H EMP-TW20H EMP-TW3800 EMP-TW500 EMP-TW5000 EMP-TW5500 EMP-TW700 EMP-TW980 EMP-TWD1 EMP-TWD3 EMP-X3 EMP-X5 EMP-X52 EMP-X56 EMP-X6 EX100 EX21 EX30 EX31 EX3200 EX3210 EX3212 EX3220 EX50 EX51 EX5200 EX5210 EX5220 EX5230 EX6210 EX6220 EX70 EX71 EX7200 EX7210 EX7220 EX7230 EX7235 EX90 H268A H268C H268F H269A H269B H269C H270A H270B H270C H271A H271C H281B H283A H283B H284A H286A H291A H292A H293A H294B H295A H296A H297A H309A H309C H310C H311B H311C H312A H312B H312C H314A H318A H326B H327A H327C H328A H328B H328C H330B H330C H331A H331C H336A H337A H343A H345A H346A H347A H349A H351A H353A H353B H353C H354C H355B H355C H356C H357C H367A H367B H367C H368A H369A H370C H371A H372A H373B H375A H375B H376B H381A H382A H383A H384A H387A H387B H387C H388A H388B H388C H389A H391A H421A H425A H428A H429A H431A H432A H433A H435B H435C H436A H449A H450A H471B H518A H535A H555B HOME 20 HOME CINEMA 1080 MG-50 MG-850HD MovieMate 25 MovieMate 30S MovieMate 50 MovieMate 55 MovieMate 60 MovieMate 62 PowerLite 1220 PowerLite 1221 PowerLite 1222 PowerLite 1260 PowerLite 1261W PowerLite 1262W PowerLite 1263W PowerLite 1700c PowerLite 1705c PowerLite 1710c PowerLite 1715c PowerLite 1716 PowerLite 1720 PowerLite 1725 PowerLite 1730W PowerLite 1735W PowerLite 1750 PowerLite 1751 PowerLite 1760W PowerLite 1761W PowerLite 1770W PowerLite 1771W PowerLite 1775W PowerLite 1776W PowerLite 1810p PowerLite 1815p PowerLite 1825 PowerLite 1830 PowerLite 1835 PowerLite 1850W PowerLite 1880 PowerLite 1915 PowerLite 1925W PowerLite 1930 PowerLite 1940W PowerLite 1945W PowerLite 1950 PowerLite 1955 PowerLite 1960 PowerLite 1965 PowerLite 1975W PowerLite 1980WU PowerLite 1985WU PowerLite 400W PowerLite 4100 PowerLite 420 PowerLite 4200W PowerLite 425W PowerLite 430 PowerLite 4300 PowerLite 435W PowerLite 450W PowerLite 460 PowerLite 4650 PowerLite 470 PowerLite 4750W PowerLite 475W PowerLite 480 PowerLite 4855WU PowerLite 485W PowerLite 51c PowerLite 520 PowerLite 525W PowerLite 530 PowerLite 535W PowerLite 54c PowerLite 570 PowerLite 575W PowerLite 580 PowerLite 585W PowerLite 6100i PowerLite 6110i PowerLite 61p PowerLite 62C PowerLite 71c PowerLite 720C PowerLite 730C PowerLite 732c PowerLite 735c PowerLite 737c PowerLite 740c PowerLite 745c PowerLite 74c PowerLite 750c PowerLite 755c PowerLite 760c PowerLite 765c PowerLite 76C PowerLite 77c PowerLite 78 PowerLite 79 PowerLite 81p PowerLite 821P PowerLite 822p PowerLite 825 PowerLite 825+ PowerLite 826W PowerLite 826W+ PowerLite 82C PowerLite 83+ PowerLite 835p PowerLite 83c PowerLite 84 PowerLite 84+ PowerLite 85 PowerLite 85+ PowerLite 905 PowerLite 915W PowerLite 92 PowerLite 93 PowerLite 93+ PowerLite 935W PowerLite 95 PowerLite 955W PowerLite 955WH PowerLite 965 PowerLite 965H PowerLite 96W PowerLite 97 PowerLite 9700UB PowerLite 97H PowerLite 98 PowerLite 98H PowerLite 99W PowerLite 99WH PowerLite D6150 PowerLite D6155W PowerLite D6250 PowerLite G5000 PowerLite G5910 PowerLite HC 1040 PowerLite HC 1080 PowerLite HC 1080UB PowerLite HC 1440 PowerLite HC 2000 PowerLite HC 2030 PowerLite HC 2040 PowerLite HC 2045 PowerLite HC 3000 PowerLite HC 3010 PowerLite HC 3010e PowerLite HC 3020 PowerLite HC 3020e PowerLite HC 3500 PowerLite HC 3600e PowerLite HC 500 PowerLite HC 5010 PowerLite HC 5010e PowerLite HC 5020UB PowerLite HC 5020UBe PowerLite HC 5025UB PowerLite HC 5030UB PowerLite HC 5030UBe PowerLite HC 600 PowerLite HC 6100 PowerLite HC 6500UB PowerLite HC 700 PowerLite HC 705HD PowerLite HC 707 PowerLite HC 710HD PowerLite HC 720 PowerLite HC 725HD PowerLite HC 730HD PowerLite HC 750HD PowerLite HC 8100 PowerLite HC 8345 PowerLite HC 8350 PowerLite HC 8500UB PowerLite HC 8700UB PowerLite PC 1080 PowerLite PC 1080UB PowerLite PC 1985 PowerLite PC 4030 PowerLite PC 6010 PowerLite PC 6020UB PowerLite PC 6030UB PowerLite PC 7100 PowerLite PC 7500UB PowerLite PC 810 PowerLite PC 9100 PowerLite PC 9350 PowerLite PC 9500UB PowerLite Pro G5150NL PowerLite Pro G5200WNL PowerLite Pro G5350NL PowerLite Pro G5450WU PowerLite Pro G5450WUNL PowerLite Pro G5550 PowerLite Pro G5550NL PowerLite Pro G5650W PowerLite Pro G5650WNL PowerLite Pro G5750WU PowerLite Pro G5750WUNL PowerLite Pro G5950 PowerLite Pro G5950NL PowerLite Pro G6050W PowerLite Pro G6050WNL PowerLite Pro G6070W PowerLite Pro G6070WNL PowerLite Pro G6150 PowerLite Pro G6150NL PowerLite Pro G6170 PowerLite Pro G6170NL PowerLite Pro G6270W PowerLite Pro G6270WNL PowerLite Pro G6450WU PowerLite Pro G6550WU PowerLite Pro G6750WU PowerLite Pro G6800 PowerLite Pro G6900WU PowerLite Pro G6970WU PowerLite S10+ PowerLite S11 PowerLite S17 PowerLite S18+ PowerLite S27 PowerLite S3 PowerLite S4 PowerLite S5 PowerLite S6 PowerLite S7 PowerLite S8+ PowerLite S9 PowerLite W15+ PowerLite W16 PowerLite W16SK PowerLite W17 PowerLite W18+ PowerLite W29 PowerLite W6 PowerLite W7 PowerLite X12 PowerLite X14+ PowerLite X15 PowerLite X17 PowerLite X24+ PowerLite X27 PowerLite X9 VS200 VS210 VS220 VS230 VS310 VS315W VS320 VS330 VS335W VS350W VS400 VS410