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Welcome to LWT's Project Lamp Wizard.

Here you can select the brand of your Projector and then either search through the list or just type your model name to filter.

Projector brand:
Type your projector name (or part of) here:
Then select your projector from the list:
BZ-1 CP-A100 CP-A101 CP-A200 CP-A220N CP-A221N CP-A221NM CP-A222NM CP-A222WN CP-A250NL CP-A300N CP-A301N CP-A301NM CP-A302NM CP-A302WN CP-A352WNM CP-A52 CP-AW100N CP-AW2503 CP-AW250NM CP-AW2519N CP-AW2519NM CP-AW251N CP-AW251NM CP-AW252NM CP-AW252WN CP-AW3003 CP-AW3019WNM CP-AW312WN CP-AW312WNM CP-AX2503 CP-AX2504 CP-AX3003 CP-AX3503 CP-CW250WN CP-CW300WN CP-CX250 CP-CX251N CP-CX300WN CP-D10 CP-D27WN CP-D31N CP-D32WN CP-DW10N CP-DW25WN CP-DX250 CP-DX300 CP-EW301N CP-EX251N CP-EX301N CP-EX401 CP-RS55 CP-RS56 CP-RS56 + CP-RS57 CP-RX60 CP-RX60Z CP-RX61 CP-RX61 + CP-RX70 CP-RX78 CP-RX78W CP-RX80W CP-S220 CP-S220A CP-S220W CP-S225 CP-S225A CP-S225AT CP-S225W CP-S235 CP-S235W CP-S240 CP-S245 CP-S270 CP-S310 CP-S310W CP-S317 CP-S317W CP-S318 CP-S335 CP-S370 CP-S370W CP-S380W CP-S385W CP-S995 CP-SX1350 CP-SX1350W CP-SX635 CP-SX8350 CP-TW2503 CP-TW3003 CP-WU13K CP-WU5500 CP-WU5505 CP-WU8440 CP-WU8450 CP-WU8451 CP-WU8460 CP-WUX645N CP-WUX8440 CP-WUX8450 CP-WX12WN CP-WX2515WN CP-WX3011N CP-WX3014WN CP-WX3015WN CP-WX3030WN CP-WX3041WN CP-WX3530WN CP-WX4021N CP-WX4022 CP-WX4041WN CP-WX410 CP-WX5500 CP-WX5505 CP-WX625 CP-WX645 CP-WX8 CP-WX8240 CP-WX8255 CP-WX8255A CP-WX8265 CP-X1 CP-X10WN CP-X11WN CP-X1200 CP-X1200W CP-X1230 CP-X1250 CP-X1350 CP-X2 CP-X200 CP-X201 CP-X2010 CP-X2010N CP-X2011N CP-X2015WN CP-X2020 CP-X2021 CP-X2021WN CP-X205 CP-X206 CP-X250 CP-X251 CP-X2510 CP-X2510N CP-X2511N CP-X2514WN CP-X2515WN CP-X2520 CP-X2521 CP-X253 CP-X2541WN CP-X255 CP-X256 CP-X264 CP-X270 CP-X3 CP-X300 CP-X300WF CP-X301 CP-X3010 CP-X3010N CP-X3010Z CP-X3011 CP-X3014WN CP-X3015WN CP-X3020 CP-X3021WN CP-X3041WN CP-X305 CP-X306 CP-X308 CP-X320 CP-X320W CP-X325 CP-X328 CP-X335 CP-X3350 CP-X340 CP-X3400 CP-X345 CP-X3450 CP-X3511 CP-X3541WN CP-X380 CP-X385 CP-X3W CP-X4 CP-X400 CP-X401 CP-X4011N CP-X4014WN CP-X4015WN CP-X4021N CP-X4022WN CP-X4030WN CP-X4041WN CP-X417 CP-X450 CP-X467 CP-X5 CP-X5021N CP-X5022WN CP-X505 CP-X5550 CP-X5W CP-X600 CP-X605 CP-X608 CP-X615 CP-X7 CP-X705 CP-X8 CP-X807 CP-X809 CP-X8150 CP-X8160 CP-X8170 CP-X8350 CP-X9 CP-X980 CP-X985 CP-X990 CP-X995 CP-X995W ED-A100 ED-A101 ED-A110 ED-A111 ED-A220N ED-A220NM ED-AW100N ED-AW110N ED-D10N ED-D11N ED-S317 ED-S3170 ED-S3350 ED-S8240 ED-X10 ED-X1092 ED-X12 ED-X15 ED-X20 ED-X22 ED-X24 ED-X30 ED-X31 ED-X32 ED-X3280 ED-X33 ED-X3400 ED-X3450 ED-X40 ED-X42 ED-X45 ED-X45N ED-X50 ED-X52 ED-X8250 ED-X8255 HDPJ52 iPJ-AW250NM MCX3200 MP-J1EF PJ-LC2001 PJ-LC7 PJ-TX100 PJ-TX100W