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Welcome to LWT's Project Lamp Wizard.

Here you can select the brand of your Projector and then either search through the list or just type your model name to filter.

Projector brand:
Type your projector name (or part of) here:
Then select your projector from the list:
1566 LT280 LT380 M230X M260W M260WS M260X M260XS M271W M271X M282X M283X M300W M300WG M300WS M300X M300XG M300XS M300XSG M302WS M311W M311X M322H M322W M322X M323H M323W M332XS M333Xs M350X M350XS M352WS M353WS M361X M362W M362X M363W M363X M402H M402W M402X M403H M403W M403X M420X MT1060 MT1065 MT860 NP-M403H NP-P350W NP-P350X NP-P401W NP-P420X NP-P451W NP-P451X NP-P452H NP-P452W NP-P501X NP-P501XG NP-P502H NP-P502W NP-PA500U NP-PA500X NP-PA5520W NP-PA600X NP-PA622U NP-PE501X NP-PX750U NP-U321H NP-U321H-WK NP-U321Hi-TM NP-U321Hi-WK NP-U322Hi NP-U352W NP-UM300W NP-UM351W NP-UM351W-WK NP-UM351Wi-WK NP-UM361X NP-UM361X-WK NP-UM361Xi-WK NP-V300W NP-V300X NP100 NP1000 NP110 NP115 NP1150 NP115G3D NP1200 NP1250 NP200 NP2000 NP210 NP215 NP2150 NP216 NP2200 NP2250 NP300 NP305 NP310 NP3150 NP3151 NP3151W NP3200 NP3250 NP3250W NP40 NP400 NP4000 NP4001 NP405 NP41 NP410 NP4100 NP4100W NP410W NP43 NP50 NP500 NP500W NP500WS NP510 NP510G NP510W NP510WS NP52 NP600 NP600S NP610 NP610S NP901 NP901WG NP905 NP905G P420X PA500U PA500X PA522U PA522UG PA550W PA571W PA572W PA600X PA621U PA622U PA671W PA672W PA722X PE401H PH1000U PH1400U PX700W PX750U PX800X U250X U260W U300X U310W UM280W UM280Wi UM280X UM280Xi UM301W UM301Wi UM301X UM301Xi UM330W UM330X V230X V260 V260G V260W V260X V281W V300W V300WG V300X V311W V311X VE303G VE303XG VT37 VT46 VT460K VT465 VT47 VT470 VT475 VT48 VT480 VT49 VT490 VT491 VT495 VT560 VT57 VT570 VT575 VT58 VT580 VT58BE VT59 VT590 VT595 VT660 VT660K VT670 VT676 VT695 VT700 VT700G VT800 VT800G