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Welcome to LWT's Project Lamp Wizard.

Here you can select the brand of your Projector and then either search through the list or just type your model name to filter.

Projector brand:
Type your projector name (or part of) here:
Then select your projector from the list:
PT-AE1000 PT-AE2000 PT-AE3000 PT-AE400 PT-AE4000 PT-AE7000U PT-AE8000 PT-AH1000E PT-AR100U PT-AT5000 PT-AT6000 PT-AX100E PT-AX200E PT-CW230 PT-CW330 PT-CW331R PT-CX200 PT-CX300 PT-CX301R PT-D3500 PT-D3500E PT-D3500U PT-DS20KE (Portrait Quad) PT-DS20KE (Portrait) PT-DW17KE (Portrait Quad) PT-DW17KE (Portrait) PT-DZ21K (Portrait Quad) PT-DZ21K (Portrait) PT-EW530E PT-EW530EL PT-EW540 PT-EW630E PT-EW630EL PT-EW640 PT-EW730Z PT-EW730ZL PT-EX12KE PT-EX16K PT-EX500E PT-EX500EL PT-EX510 PT-EX600E PT-EX600EL PT-EX610 PT-EX800Z PT-EX800ZL PT-EZ570E PT-EZ570EL PT-EZ580 PT-EZ770Z PT-EZ770ZL PT-F100NT PT-F100NTEA PT-F100NTU PT-F100U PT-F200 PT-F200NTU PT-F200U PT-F300E PT-F300NTU PT-F300U PT-FW100NT PT-FW100NTU PT-FW300NTU PT-FW300U PT-FW430 PT-FX400 PT-L5 PT-L555 PT-L556 PT-L758 PT-LB1 PT-LB10E PT-LB10NT PT-LB10S PT-LB10V PT-LB2 PT-LB20E PT-LB20NT PT-LB20SU PT-LB20V PT-LB280 PT-LB3 PT-LB30 PT-LB300 PT-LB30NT PT-LB330 PT-LB332 PT-LB360 PT-LB3EA PT-LB50 PT-LB50EA PT-LB50NT PT-LB50SE PT-LB50SU PT-LB50U PT-LB51 PT-LB51EA PT-LB51NT PT-LB55 PT-LB55EA PT-LB55NTE PT-LB55NTEA PT-LB60 PT-LB60EA PT-LB60NT PT-LB60NTE PT-LB60NTEA PT-LB75 PT-LB78 PT-LB80 PT-LB90 PT-LB90NTU PT-LC150 PT-LC170 PT-LC50 PT-LC56 PT-LC70 PT-LC76 PT-LC80 PT-LW25H PT-LW280 PT-LW330 PT-LW362A PT-LW80 PT-LW80NTU PT-LX22 PT-LX26 PT-LX26H PT-LX30H PT-LZ370E PT-PX860 PT-PX960 PT-PX970 PT-PX980NT PT-SLX60 PT-ST10 PT-TW230 PT-TW231R PT-TW240 PT-TW250 PT-TW330 PT-TW331R PT-TW340 PT-TW341 PT-TX210 PT-TX300 PT-TX301R PT-TX310 PT-TX400 PT-VW300 PT-VW330 PT-VW340Z PT-VW345NZ PT-VW350 PT-VW355N PT-VW430 PT-VW431D PT-VW435N PT-VW440 PT-VW530 PT-VW535N PT-VX400 PT-VX400NT PT-VX41 PT-VX410Z PT-VX415NZ PT-VX420 PT-VX425N PT-VX42Z PT-VX500 PT-VX505N PT-VX510 PT-VX600 PT-VX605N PT-VZ570 PT-VZ575N